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About the Project

Mission Statement
The Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower create a time-honoring tribute at the crossroads of our community by fostering an abiding legacy of the faith of our ancestors, refreshing the common spirit of the community and inspiring a vision of hope for future generations.

"The vision to create the Muensterberg Clock Tower and Plaza was inspired by the recognition that 'what you learn in Berne' is not only worth celebrating, it’s worth preserving in a way that uniquely reflects our Swiss heritage. The values brought here by our founding fathers were an important part of my own growing up in Berne, and I’m proud to say those values still guide me.

Keith Reinhard
Chairman, DDB Worldwide, New York, NY

The Bern, Switzerland Clock Tower

The clock tower, the oldest of Bern's ancient gateways, dates from the 15th century, and together with the pretty orial windows of the adjoining houses and the special Zahringer fountain close by, makes a picture of rare charm. (C. 1914)

“So they came to the wilderness of Indiana, bringing with them faith, courage, opportunity, optimism, willingness to work and skills and trades.”

Naomi Lehman
Local historian

“ Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower commemorate the values of the early settlers that must be passed on to future generations:  Faith, Courage, Freedom, Opportunity, Perseverance, Hard Work, Hope, and Vision.”