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The Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower benefits the community, both now and for years to come.

The plaza and clock tower:

  • Enhances a sense of community pride in Berne residents by creating a visual impact that is nationally known, unique and beautiful.
  • Strengthens our economic base by establishing Berne as a unique destination marketplace with an international appeal.
  • Creates an enduring legacy for families, businesses and all who wish to honor loved ones.
  • Helps Berne grow and thrive by forever creating a new trademark/brand at the crossroads of our community.
  • Expresses our commitment to our community by showing our children and grandchildren an example of unity and cooperation.
  • Instills an appreciation for art through architecture.
  • Increases the vibrancy of our community by introducing new business opportunities for entrepreneurs, including, but not limited to, specialty shops and restaurants.
  • Improves the quality of life for all of Berne by providing a beautiful and entertaining plaza and gathering place at the crossroads of our community.
  • Connects our children and grandchildren to the virtues that brought our ancestors to Berne.
  • Improves the financial well-being of our community by increasing income and property values.

“Your replica of Switzerland’s famous Clock Tower will be a wonderful boon to tourism and Northeast Indiana’s economy. I appreciate its deeper meaning.

Thank you for reminding us of the courage, faith and determination of your ancestors. You do well to pass these values along to future generations in such a powerful and visionary way.”

Pat Miller
Past Secretary of Commerce
State of Indiana

The Bern, Switzerland clock tower

The Berne Clock Tower