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The Berne Community Development Corporation Events Committee has a delightful line-up of events for Berne and the surrounding community beginning in May at the Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower, located at the crossroads of U.S. 27 and state Road 218. Each month will feature two or more events with the intention of appealing to a wide variety of individuals throughout the season. Guests to the plaza will want to bring their own chairs or blankets for personal comfort. Most events will have an alternate location in the event of inclement weather. For further information about Upcoming Events or to contact the Events Committee, email Jen Lehman at

A popcorn popper with wheeled cart, dubbed "Reiny's Corn-er" with the permission of Keith and Ken Reinhard, will often be found under the tower. Visitors to the plaza for the weekly events may well find themselves the recipients of a free bag of delicious, freshly popped corn.

The Events Committee warmly welcomes visitors to the tower and hopes that this event season will offer something for everyone.

PDF Download Wedding Contract (PDF format)
PDF Download Private Event Contract for individuals and groups wishing to rent the plaza for an event not sponsored by the BCDC (PDF format)
PDF Download Event Application for groups interested in performing at the plaza under the sponsorship of the BCDC (PDF format)