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Berne family visits Swiss ambassador

During a recent visit to Washington DC., the Matt Lehman family visited the home of Christian Blickenstorfer, Ambassador from Switzerland, and his wife, Susanne. In 2002 the Ambassador came to Berne during the city's sesquicentennial and since then has remained interested in the community. During their visit, the Lehman's talked with the Blickenstorfers about Berne's Muensterberg Plaza and Clock Tower, which will be a replica of the famous Bern, Switzerland clock tower. Pictured above are: in the front row, Kelli Lehman; from left to right, Joye Lehman, Kristen Lehman, Kara Lehman and Mrs. Blickenstorfer; and in back from the left, Mr. Lehman and Ambassador Blickenstorfer.

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